Wpf listview selecteditem not updating dating terms of use


I added a class book as: public class Book When I double click on a row I get the following error on the Book instantiation line you provided: Unable to cast object of type ' I have got an issue with code above, once I use it, my list View did not list any of those values.

The example below guides step by step how to get Selected Item of List View in MVVM pattern using command. Compile and run program, the List View will be fulfilled with the database 6. Anyway, the problem seems to be resolved when I create a copy of the object: to me. I tried to explain the same problem in a simpler example here, if anybody can confirm the bug or can explain me how this should've been implemented I would greatly appreciate the insights.I am having a devil of a time retrieving data from a row when it is double clicked.Selected Item="" does not appear to work when using a collectionview Source, I tried Is Synchronized With Current Item="True" but that did not help.Data Context="" Items Source="" Is Synchronized With Current Item="True" Selected Item="" Virtualizing Panel. The Name property represents the name of the control, which is a unique identifier of a control.

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