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But when it comes to walking the red carpet in real life, they note that less is more.

Foster guest-starred as herself on the HBO series Entourage, in which she had a romantic tryst with character Vincent Chase (played by actor Adrian Grenier) before appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! She briefly hosted Entertainment Tonight spin-off ET on MTV in 2002.

We went to the Country Mart in Malibu, and I picked a black kitten with green eyes and Sara picked a gray one. If we could trade places with a famous person for a day, Erin would choose Kate Middleton. Sara would pick Justin Bieber and drive with the top down and walk on Robertson … Erin had a Beavis and Butt-Head poster above her bed in fifth grade only because she thought that the guys in her class would think it was cool.10. Sara loves a long shower, clean hair and being wet in bed in her robe, with tons of TV to watch on her DVR and a bag of Doritos.14. The background of Erin's phone is literally Sara’s kids, and they aren’t even Sara's background! Sara's least favorite food is sushi — she knows it’s so politically incorrect to say. Our dream guest on Barely Famous would still be Larry David, but Erin can’t get close to him and Sara doesn't know what she would even say to him if she saw him. A television show that Erin is embarrassed to say that she watches is Bachelor in Paradise. It’s the thing we argue about the most working together. Our favorite holiday is Christmas, though Erin also loves Shabbat.

Mine was clawing and hissing at me, and Sara’s was cuddling with her. We keep other people’s secrets from each other, but tell our own stuff to each other.4. If we could eat anything without gaining weight, Sara would have a Subway sandwich with turkey, American cheese, lettuce, mustard, onion and tomato every day. Erin can’t live without wine — honestly, she needs that! Sara loves local news, but it’s depressing to her when she has the TV on for the news and then The Price Is Right comes on and she realizes it’s 11 a.m. We have not-so obvious abilities: Sara's a good tennis player and water skier, and Erin is an ordained minister.20. The app Sara uses the most is Uber, because she drinks a lot and has kids, so, you know … You can say to her, “Erin, the worst thing happened to me yesterday,” and she starts humming.

Sara and Erin Foster, the daughters of music producer David Foster and stars of VH1’s Barely Famous, can always make Us laugh.

Recently, the two sisters paired up with Retail Me Not to create a video series for the company called “WTF Did I Just Spend My Money On? She has a really good selection of Stella Mc Cartney, Manolo and Gianvito Rossi shoes.24.

In fact, it's exactly why their sharp and self-deprecating humor on their satirical VH1 series, Written by Erin, the comedy is a faux-reality show that riffs on this very idea of just-out-of-reach fame.

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I’m not gay, I mean I had a blip a couple of years ago,” Erin said. ”Sara comes over and gets confronted.“I loved when you were a lesbian,” Ashley Benson says. Bisexual isn’t brought up because Erin likely doesn’t see herself as bisexual, and why this matters a little more on a show like is because, despite being scripted, it’s based in reality.

Even dad David, who dropped by the set to show support for his daughters’ latest endeavor (and made a brief cameo on Facebook live interview, below), has a snarky, humorous side.

When asked why he didn’t push for his girls to follow in his musical footsteps, he bluntly explained, “Because you have no talent.” Like all great reality shows, there are plenty of to-die-for fashion moments on .

Erin is a real person who dated real women and those women are now being referred to as part of a phase.

Sisters Erin and Sara Foster, daughters of Grammy-winning music producer David Foster and step-siblings to kids with last names like Jenner and Hadid, are well aware of their fame-adjacent status.

Hundreds of reality shows have made their way onto our television screens over the years, documenting everything from home improvement to the drama-filled lives of petty housewives.

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