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I thought she was a challenging character because I felt like she was the most unsympathetic just right off the bat.

She was not somebody that you immediately felt bad for because she was so privileged. One of the reasons why is because it was filmed in sequence.

Both Ringwald and Shoeffling are sitting "Indian-style" on a tabletop facing one another.

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Ringwald played the endearingly awkward Samantha Baker, who struggles to cope with unrequited love and the fact her entire family has forgotten her 16th birthday.The following year, she released , a jazz album performed with her father and his band.Ringwald continued to perform throughout the 70s, playing the role of an orphan in a stage performance of "Annie," as well as being a Mouseketeer on the Disney Channel's (1979), where the actress played a supporting role as Molly Parker, a girl dealing with the effects of her parents' divorce.The rest of the “official” pack are Rob Lowe, Andrew Mc Carthy and Demi Moore, with a multitude of other actors often thrown into the bunch (Robert Downey, Jr., Mare Winningham, James Spader, John Cusack, etc.). Blum was initially writing an article about Emilio Estevez, whose career was just taking off.The writer asked to meet with Estevez and some of the other kids becoming popular (Lowe, Nelson) and as he began spending time with them, noticed behavior that he considered “bratty” (they’d go to theaters and ask to be let in free, ask for a center table at restaurants and bring a lot of attention to themselves).The siblings have co-starred in nine other movies together: Class (1983), Grandview, U.

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