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Her high-profile roles include playing an illegal Chinese immigrant in Channel 4 series, Run, and most recently a North Korean defector in You For Me For You at the Royal Court Theatre in London.

Let us pause to recall iconic movie kisses: Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr, limbs entangled on the beach in From Here to Eternity.In 2012, Leung made her stage debut in the play Wild Swans.IT was the kiss that broke a million hearts as Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Leung locked lips in a coming-of-age moment for the famed boy wizard.Fast forward to the present day and Leung sits in a Glasgow hotel looking adorably like a fawn caught in the headlights. She has an open, expressive face and animated eyebrows that shoot up like exclamation points as she speaks.Whatever I was expecting of a young woman who found global fame in her teens, it certainly wasn’t this. “I was so innocent and naive,” she muses, reflecting on that pivotal early role opposite fellow Hogwarts alumnus Radcliffe."If I was given the chance to go back and re-live it, I would probably try to absorb everything around me a bit more." A decade has passed since Cho Chang kissed Harry.

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