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Months into the administration, the prominent bioethicist and brother of chief of staff, Rahm, has emerged as an important player in President Barack Obama's efforts at overhauling health care.But with the elevated role has come an elevated responsibility.In his senior year, he had 3,061 all-purpose yards and 50 total touchdowns, including 2,155 rushing yards and 40 rushing touchdowns.Also a standout track & field athlete, Elliott was a state qualifier in sprinting and hurdling events. Despite overwhelming support and pressure for Elliott to sign with his parents' alma mater, the University of Missouri, he decided to sign with Ohio State University.Growing up, my Zaidy, as we called him in the family, was a constant source of wisdom and counsel.During innumerable phone conversations and visits, I was able to seek his guidance for a variety of life's challenges from mundane social issues to more consequential discussions about careers, the future, and the intersection of spirituality and well-being to name a few.He previously served as the White House Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2010, a Member of the United States House of Representatives representing from 2003 to 2009, and as senior advisor to President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1998.Rahm Emanuel was born on November 29, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois.

But everyone has a second best, and that is to do nothing. Doing nothing, keeping the status quo, is not the second best. It is even more painful." While not a student of politics like his brother, "Zeke" is acutely aware of the lessons from past health care reform efforts."You said, 'failure, obviously, is not an option.' But it is not clear that it is obvious.Stuart Altman, who many people consider the dean of health policy up at Brandeis University, he has this rule -- the rule of second best.He even had some clever dating advice that serves my marriage till this day.The lessons learned from him in his old age had a profound impact on whom I became as a spouse, father, teacher, and therapist.His mother, the former Dawn Huff, was a high school state champion in three sports before attending the University of Missouri and running track there.

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