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I think this is an alias name, she is very private, educated former singer and songwriter who went on tour with lil romeo and b2k.

In my opinion they make a great couple, she is a great person, very down to earth, a mother and a wonderful role model.

I wish them the best of luck in the future and beyond.

(All Hip Hop News) Gloria James raised Lebron James to becoming the greatest basketball player of the last 15 years and now it’s her turn to have some fun.

Their friendship was immortalized by the 2009 documentary Weems is a year behind the Fab 5, but his late mother was James' godmother and he was on that 2003 state title team. "Le Bron's life path is his, not ours," said Mc Gee, 32. We're more than excited about where Le Bron and his family is right now, but we understood we had to work hard to get to where we want to be." In Mc Gee's case, James wrote a letter of recommendation on his behalf when he applied to be athletic director at St. Both Weems and Cavs general manager David Griffin insist Weems was hired this season to be a scout because of the relationship the two of them built while Weems was an assistant coach at both Kentucky and Oakland University in Michigan.

SEE: Le Bron's game paycheck costs more than ex-teammate's house James is a four-time NBA MVP and two-time champion. But Weems thanks James for getting him in the door at Kentucky as a graduate assistant with coach John Calipari.

In 2010, rumors surfaced that Gloria James had sex with Lebron’s then-teammate at the Cleveland Cavaliers, Delonte West.

She is a petite, classy, sexy former model and childhood actress who resembles the late Aaliyah Haughton.

In an interview with The Boston Globe he says: The best player in the world (Le Bron James) [thinks], [I] allegedly had sex with his mother.

Growing up in the hood, that’s the worst thing you could say is something about somebody’s mother.

The website Baller Alert says that the couple have been dating since around February 2013.

And just in case you weren’t sure that he is in fact friends with Lebron, there are some pictures like this: Lambo takes the time to refer to Lebron as his “role-model,” despite the fact he’s two years older than King James.

He's worth at least 0 million now, and his earning potential is trending up. Cotton, who first agreed to speak to but then declined to return numerous phone messages and texts, landed one of his rap songs on the video game NBA 2K14 with James' help.

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