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You'll see female brawls in parks, bars, parking lots, front lawns, alleyways and other public places where the females are fighting and the video cams happen to be rolling. For this exciting edition we selected as many weird and unusual locations of these spontaneous catfights. This is one Amateur Catfight Video you do not want to miss. These gorgeous gals put on boxing gloves and go at it tooth and nail.These fights are for real and the fighting is out of control. We tried to get as many different locations and types of women as we could into this new reality video. Catfights in a forest, in a dressing room, on a cruise ship, in a lunch room, in short-shorts, on Malibu beach by pretty blonds, by drunk girls, many hot chicks in skimpy clothing with top ripping and a whole lot more. We tried to assemble a selection of real catfights from as many different and unusual locations as possible. This is where you'll see these real catfights: In a gas station on Halloween, drunk Korean women in the middle of the street, in a farmer's market, in the stands at an NFL game, at a bus stop in Tijuana, at a college fraternity party, in the snow, in a ladies room in Germany, on an apartment house stairway, half naked models fighting at a car show and many more! 35 wild and intense 100% real catfights make this a lucky 13 edition. The intensity is jaw dropping in many of these fights.

We are the Berlin-based dating company behind global brands Elite Singles, Attractive World and e Darling.

Attractive World’s unique selection process offers users the chance to find love through a peer-approved sign up process.

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Outside of church and work, it's often difficult to find places to meet other single Christians — online Christian dating solves this problem.

Christian Connection lets you meet other Single Christians who are also looking for a relationship.

Christian Connection runs regular events where you can meet other single Christians in a fun, relaxed environment.

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