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With a history dating back over 60 years, Petards Group is a world-wide leader and established innovator in the sectors of Transport, Emergency Services and Defence.Working closely with a global network of suppliers and partners, our advanced security and surveillance solutions are helping to make the world a safer place.Crude jokes, sexual humor, murder and mayhem – these are the elements used by Japanese designers to create some of the wildest video games ever made.Hatoful Boyfriend is an unusual take on the popular otome visual novel/dating sim that is so popular in Japan.

Strange video games have existed since the dawn of gaming, but as they evolved from crude, pixelated graphics to slick realism, the Japanese have perfected the art of of the bizarre.

The Japanese language sequel, Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star was released in 2013.

(Source | Photo) Here's a game for players who don't feel like video games suck enough- Mister Mosquito.

When he got home he removed the painting -- a dismal country scene -- and concluded the frame could not be salvaged, but found one of the 500 official copies from the Declaration of Independence, folded and hidden in the backing.

The copy is a crisp, clean broadside, creased along lines where it had been folded.

Continual improvement and up-dating on this system occurs as we implement the necessary controls required for production levels to meet worldwide demand.

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