Updating the status from view

Because panes do not send WM_COMMAND messages (they aren't like toolbar buttons), you must type the code manually.

If setup correctly you can mass edit records from these list views.

The figure in Status Bars shows a status bar from an Application Wizard-created MFC application.

By default, MFC does not enable a macro for each pane on the status bar and update the panes.

The compliance state for clients using an inventory scan tool, such as the Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates, are picked up during the hardware inventory cycle and stored in the inventory views.

The following sections provide detailed information about software updates views, software updates status views, software updates status summarizer views, and software updates hardware inventory views.

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Navi Cloud Director allows you to upload v Apps to NCD using VMware's OVF Tool, or the v Cloud Director user interface.The software update views are described in the following table.Lists the update lists, by CI_ID, for the Configuration Manager hierarchy, including when the update list was created, when it was last modified, who last modified the update list, source site, title, description, and so on.To be able to mass edit records in Propertybase from the list views you first need to ensure Inline Editing and Enhanced Lists in enabled in the setup area for your org.See below for instructions on how to enable this setting.hi i have schedule a process chain and solved meanwhile errors and made the load success up to target,but whenever the error occurs the status of log view of that process chain turns red color as all of us know ,even after successful completion by overcoming all the problems up to target,still the status of the process chain in log view is in red color ,why? Open the messages of a failed step by right clicking on it and selecting 'Display Messages'.2. In a parallel session go to transaction se16 for table rspcprocesslog and display the entries with the following Selections:- Copy the variant from the popup to the variante of table rspcprocesslog- Copy the instance from the popup to the instance of table rspcprocesslog- Copy the start date from the popup to the batch date of table rspcprocesslog- Press F8 to display the entries of table rspcprocesslog. If it is R, it means that this process is considered red for the system and all chain is red for this.

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