Updating ps3 via internet

– Jailbreaking your Play Station 3, even if you don’t use it for piracy, might be illegal in your country.

Now, insert the removable storage containing system software 4.66 into the Play Station 3, go to Settings Update via Storage Media, and wait for the new firmware to be applied.

There’s currently no real risk for your Play Station 3 (save for the applications you download), and now that the U.

Supreme Court considers i Phone jailbreaking ‘fair use’, legal consequences are not very likely.

Specifically speaking, to use Sony’s built-in update feature, simply ensure the PS3 is connected to the Internet through an Ethernet cable, go to Settings Update via Internet, and allow the device to search and apply the new version.

If an Internet connection isn’t available for your console, then save the downloadable .

You can use this update to upgrade your system software to version 4.81.

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