Updating netapp firmware

An SEC filing [PDF] dated July 27, 2017 says “John F Fowler resigned his position as Executive Vice President, Systems effective as of August 2, 2017.” No reason is offered for Fowler's …Intel has taken its Skylake cores, attached some extra cache and vector processing stuff, throw in various other bits and pieces, and packaged them up as Xeon CPUs codenamed Purley.node run -node NODE1 rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3[/php] Check the date against the date show in step 1.

We are going to check your current disk qual package version.The firmware files are stored in the /mroot/etc/disk_fw directory on the node. The revision part of the file name is the number against which the node compares each disk's current firmware version.The firmware file name is in the form of "product-ID.revision. For example, if the firmware file is for Seagate disks with product ID X225_ST336704FC and the firmware version is NA02, the filename is X225_ST336704FC. If the node in this example contains disks with firmware version NA01, the /mroot/etc/disk_fw/X225_ST336704FC. LOD file is used to update every eligible disk when you execute this command.[php]:: node run -node NODE1 rdfile /etc/qual_devices_v3[/php] You can now check the date with the date of the latest disk qualification package.To install the disk qualification package you downloaded and setup in HTTP File Server we type the following: [php]:: storage firmware download -node * -package-url The file will now download from the HTTP File Server and install on each node in your cluster.When you perform an ONTAP upgrade, the firmware for your cluster included with the ONTAP upgrade package is copied to each node's boot device, and the new firmware is installed automatically.

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