Updating excel data with dsn less connection vba

I have changed my ODBC connections on my computer and updated my other excel sheets to point to the correct server via Script Editor, however, on one particular spreadsheet, the script editor is disabled and I can't update the path.\trap-true, etc.How can I tell this worksheet to point to the new server?The good thing about this method is you can use it to call stored procedures with parameters that filled from cell values.This post sponsered by Ok, now you have a worksheet with a nice table with data.Connection helps developers connect software to data.

I have done this with the query wizard and manualy but would like to automate the process by just typing the date and pressing the enter any one who could lead me in the right direction or who has done this before I would appreciate the help -- thank you TR I have an Excel 2000 sheet based on a MS Query to a SQL Server 2000 database.Before going any further, please quickly read: Steer clear of Access Web Applications (AWA) The following article explains How-to ‘Hybridize’ your MS Access Database In Office 365 Azure Database or How-to use an Office 365 Back-End database with your MS Access Desktop Front-End (FE).It is meant to be a step-by-step instructional guide of how-to to convert a standard split desktop database so that the data, the back-end (BE), is imported and available through an Office 365 account.So the data thus becomes available to anyone with an Internet connection, but the application itself, the front-end (FE), remains on each user’s local computer.A few people have now asked me ‘Why such an article? Simply put, Microsoft has, once again, not provided a simple step by step explanation of how to accomplish this task.This table is a pointer to a table in a SQL Server database that is associated with a pre-defined System ODBC Data Source Name (referred to as a DSN from this point forward).

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