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What was real was Welch – a father, former firefighter and sometime movie actor who was drawn to dark mysteries he found on the Internet – terrifying customers and workers with his assault rifle as he searched Comet Ping Pong, police said.

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They are inhaled at room temperature through volatilization (in the case of gasoline or acetone) or from a pressurized container (e.g., nitrous oxide or butane), and do not include drugs that are sniffed after burning or heating.

What brought Welch to the District of Columbia on a crisp Sunday afternoon in early December was a choking mix of rumor, political nastiness, technological change and the intoxicating thrill that can come from running down a mystery.

His actions Sunday in one of Washington’s wealthiest neighborhoods reminded Americans that last month’s election did not quite conclude the strangest political season in the nation’s history.

26, 1910 in Skopje (at the time it was part of the Ottoman Empire, today it’s part of Macedonia). At age 18, she entered the Order of the Loreto Sisters.

Soon thereafter she was sent to India, where she worked as a teacher until 1946, when she felt the calling to serve the poor. Her liturgical feast day will be the 5Directly under the Holy Father, Aid to the Church in Need supports the faithful wherever they are persecuted, oppressed or in pastoral need.

They were to ambush him when he left the watchful eyes of his followers on his routine walk to and from the prison chapel.

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