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THE WORD is's weekly long-form series.This week, writer Charles Boehm examines the role of artificial turf in the future of soccer in North America, and whether or not the surface's critics will one day waver on one of the sport's most controversial topics.Strategic analysis Strength • Strong brand • Strong history (print) • Completing a restructure to improve efficiency • Strong recent acquisition and launch history for web properties • Massive web portfolio Weakness • Heavy losses on UK London titles that should be reviewed for sale • Print ad revenues under heavy competition from web • Legacy of mixed internet investments • Content not strong for the web in depth or breadth • Most websites are new brands with me-too status and weak longterm offerings Opportunity • Exceptional reach and dominance of niche classified verticals • Web ad revenues offset migration out of print • Massive portfolio of web properties in verticals and regionals • Tactical geographical expansion across Europe Threat • Website network doesn’t gain traction vs Google and other global players • Print ad revenues drain web profits and undermine investment • Profitability of regional titles erodes further Appendix To appreciate the scale and scope of the DMGT online businesses, here is a snapshot from the group’s annual report.

Collectively this means the AND Advertising Network comprises 60 websites with a monthly UK internet population reach of 26% (9 million people per month).Things like the status of Thisissomerset, expiration date of uk, and Thisissomerset name servers.Don't forget that Thisissomerset could have other domain extensions you might want to run a Whois search for and get further information about Thisissomerset owned services.The DMGT group encompasses Associated Northcliffe Digital (AND), Teletext and the flagship national online titles of The Daily Mail.Also in the portfolio are London freesheet Metro, the Evening Standard [sold soon after writing this article], the ‘Thisis’ portal network of 50 local portals, and a wide range of niche sites such as This is Money and Simply Switch.Ie if they completely change how the game works, or it takes the game from a point of not really being playable (eg Gem RB) to being feature complete.

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