The truths about dating and mating jaycee delorenzo epub

Your cover image has to stay inside the dotted lines, otherwise anything outside the lines can get cut out or cut off. This option will come up after Create Space has reviewed your files.It costs about per copy, plus around in shipping and handling (but you can pay more for faster shipping).“I don’t think he’s alone.”I pursed my lips as I stopped outside Ian’s door and pounded my fist on its heavy walnut surface. His inky-black hair was an even bigger mess than usual, and I figured the spiky strands had been finger-combed more than once by the slender redhead standing behind him.

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I find that everyone does push away the people that care abou...For a lot of people, getting your book printed sounds like a terrifyingly complicated process. After some trial and error of my own in the past, I've put together a comprehensive quick-start guide to using Create Space to print your novel. Designing your cover is something most authors tackle well ahead of time, so the question is, "How do I get my design onto the hardcopy of my book?" If you upload a design cold turkey without any editorial work, you'll more than likely end up with a thick white frame around the actual design.” While I had no qualms about breaking up whatever was going on behind the door, I had no desire to view the physical act itself. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared hard into his mossy-green eyes, telegraphing that playtime was over and we needed to talk. His feet and muscular chest were bare, displaying the biohazard tattoo that covered the entire left side of his torso.She gets to do both as she co-hosts Riordan College’s radio program, The Truths about Dating and Mating, alongside her lifelong best friend, Ian Hollister.

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