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Use the program's controls and options to further personalize the program until you've created your ideal woman on the computer screen.

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Virtual girlfriends and boyfriends already abound in Japan, where dating simulator games have enjoyed popularity among females as well as males.

When you talk to your KARI model, either verbally or by typing in a chat interface, she will develop increasing conversational skills and a distinct personality.

For realistic interactions, the program remembers past conversations and is constantly learning.

One young Japanese man even held a real-world, live-cast commitment ceremony with his virtual girlfriend from a dating sim called "Love Plus," which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies on the Nintendo DS handheld game console since 2009.

"In Japan, men do have virtual girlfriends — it is a phenomenon — indeed, there are even resorts that are dedicated to be places where one can go on 'vacation' with these fantasy women," Turkle said.

The world is infinite - make and create anything you want! Have a virtual girlfriend and make your ex jealous!

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