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Because hey, how many secrets can you reasonably expect to keep when you're naked on the Internet? What looks like a bottle of lube is not always a bottle of lube.

Porn sets are usually rife with production assistants (PAs) who will give you a variety of lubricants to choose from.

Corsets normally shape the rorso by reducing the size of the waist; and that is why we always have steel boned corset, which can bend in one direction to provide the maximum support. While bustiers concentrate on providing lift to the breast and hugging the natural contour of women’s body. On the other hand, bustiers are frequently made of lace and silk, which is lightweight and flexible.

The fabric of these two garments are always different as well. Actually, except from wearing them inside the clothes, we can wear the corset belt outside.

I once had a director call "freeze" while someone's entire hand was inside my body. Performers, particularly women, get paid extra money for anal sex on camera.

During which my scene partner and I had to awkwardly talk about the exorbitant San Francisco housing market while the crew adjusted their lenses and lights. While many enjoy anal sex in their "real life," it's also become a financial decision that sometimes hinges on whether rent is due tomorrow or not. Anyway, preparing for an anal scene truly is an art form.

The director may want you to whip off your clothes and shoot the blow job first, then throw them back on, fix your hair and makeup, and shoot the introductory dialogue.

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Many performers are not so fortunate, and trust me, there are no moisturizing benefits to Purell.2. While finished porn may look like a very linear scene, the way that it's shot is anything but.

Since our first roll of pink background paper we redefined the classic pink shot and got awesome feedback.

We have hand chosen beautiful plastic fetish and alternative models for shootings in amazingly clear vinyl and pvc clothing!

Many bride-to-be pick the our white corset and lace up corset as their wedding corset adding some uniqueness.

Corset dresses are designed to give you the sexy look while remaining an extra feminine flair.

Bishop isn't afraid of his feminine side - nor of making a mess.

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