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Another source said that Andy believed it would be better if he didn’t catch the same flight with Hanna, as he would most likely attract a crowd.

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Kuan suggested that he should seek medical help and counselling for his 31-year-old wife. Lau said doctors had told him he needed another year or two to fully recover.

The 55-year-old artiste said it had never crossed his mind that he would not be able to walk again after the accident where he fell off a horse in January. Lau added that he went through a lot of rehabilitation while in hospital with the hope of being able to carry his five-year-old daughter, Hannah.

The MP made the comments yesterday during a debate on amendments to domestic violence legislation.

Leong Lau lived many lives in the avant-garde of six decades–first in Malaysia as a precocious musician, dancer, impressionist painter, and self-taught poet of nature with ten years in a Christian mission school; then in Australia as an engineering student, an itinerant Chinaman, musician, and cycling naturalist committed to the protection of the planet long before ecology became a popular concern.

But they must obtain permission from an Islamic, or shariah, court to marry more than one.

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