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Sometimes you actually catch feelings, and that’s what sucks.” To clarify, what sucks is that there is really no room for “feelings” in the current mating culture.Conservatives have bemoaned the hook-up culture that exists on college campuses and the after-college bar scene for years now.What’s doubly depressing is that has affected the poor more than the rich.For college graduates, the rates of marriage have been almost unchanged.Of those new HIV patients, 60 percent were younger than age 30.“The thing we’re seeing the most is young people being HIV positive, with most being diagnosed through sex,” said Leeah Hopper, the agency’s director. Joseph County alone recorded 17 new HIV cases through June of this year, putting it on pace to surpass the 19 new cases for all of 2015, according to statistics from the Indiana State Department of Health.“It shows the importance of knowing your status, whether positive or negative, and starting to educate the youth in high schools, repetitively getting that message across of protecting yourself and what could happen if you don’t.”While AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist conducted 11 new positive tests, the organization saw a total of 35 new HIV patients, including new referrals, through the first half of the year, Hopper said. Elkhart, La Porte and Marshall counties each saw fewer than five new cases through June this year, keeping the rate flat in those counties compared with 2015.However, Murawski attributed the rise this year in part to a growing “hookup” culture among young people who meet via apps such as Tinder, Grindr and Snapchat and arrange one-time sexual encounters.

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So he moved to his perfect house in his perfect neighborhood.

CASHIER: One hundred fifty-three dollars and 12 cents is your total. [Cristal takes out a stack of money and pays in cash] CRISTAL: You're such a gentleman. GRANDDAD: It's my pleasure, Cristal, like the champagne.

GRANDDAD: It just so happen I have coupons for the Red Lobster, cutie pie. RILEY: You do realize that light-skinned ho was a ho, right, Granddad?

Melissa Murawski, a disease intervention specialist who helps the state collect data on new HIV cases, said she has noticed a slight increase in the Michiana area but did not have statistics.

She said numbers of HIV diagnoses often vary from year to year, and the reasons behind increases can be difficult to pinpoint.

But, as Vanity Fair demonstrates, apps like Tinder have brought us to a new low. All of this endless swiping is producing men and women who have an infinite choices of sexual partners with no strings attached.

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