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IBM executives counter that having a code of conduct is akin to a corporate stamp of approval, encouraging workers to explore more than 100 worlds IBM collectively calls the "3D Internet." The Armonk, N.Y.-based tech company also has a financial incentive: It hopes to make money advising corporate clients that craft business strategies for virtual I still was but I was going from memory so that's my fault.I still think that the expectation would be that both genders would be included since that's the way it's always worked in the past. That's what you guys get though for putting out an update that makes me stay up so late playing it!Um that's definitely not clear and would have pissed me off if I bought one expecting to be able to use the other sex.Based on how the current races work I don't think it's a stretch to expect both in each pack.The virtual affair happened during a role-playing online game called “Second Life,” in which users create an online persona.

IBM appears to be the first corporation to create rules governing virtual worlds.Taylor met her spouse in an online chatroom while playing the game, and the couple married several years later. This is the second time her husband has strayed virtually, according to Taylor, who said she discovered his online avatar having sex with a “Second Life” prostitute shortly after their marriage began.She later hired another avatar, a private investigator, to doublecheck his virtual fidelity.Her husband’s online avatar was eventually caught cuddling with another avatar named Modesty Mc Donnell.“Online pornography and video games involving virtual sex is a common cause for hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and serious disagreements,” said relationship expert Brenda Della Casa, author of “Cinderella Was a Liar.” She says, “In my own research, one in three men admit to viewing pornography on a regular basis which was defined as once a week or more.” “Some people see cheating as something that can only be done physically while others view any interest or person that takes away time and attention from the relationship as infidelity,” Della Casa said.“The key component in understanding what is cheating …is to share your expectations with your partner and listen to theirs and come to an understanding.

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