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Man’s fondness for dogs can be seen in various ways.Some eat and sleep with their dogs, bring them to pet shops for hair grooming, stroll with them in the park, take them to vets when their health condition so demand, and even take them along when they travel.Although sedatives/tranquilizers should never be repeated for animals traveling by air, sedated pets may have adverse reactions in pressurized aircraft even when single doses are administered at recommended dosages.Animals can respond very differently to sedatives/tranquilizers under normal circumstances.Though above mentioned tranquilizers are very effective, they can do harm for your dog if used too frequently.Moreover, these medications are impossible to buy without a prescription and should be used only by a veterinarian.When our pets get anxious and worried, it is our natural instinct to calm them down and try to make everything OK again.In stressful situations, this can often be easier said than done.

Although animals may be excitable while being handled during the trip to the airport and prior to loading, they probably revert to a quiescent resting state in the dark, closed cargo hold, and the sedatives may have an excessive effect.

The following are the various reasons for sedating a dog.

The sight of a person with medical instruments in front of him touching his body will usually frighten a dog.

Finally there will be a section on some of the alternative approach to calming dogs in a crisis that don’t involve drugs and rely purely on homemade sedatives and natural tricks.

There are many different reasons for sedating a dog in order to help them.

Dog sedation is most commonly needed before a medical procedure can be done.

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