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Far-sighted data policy and cloud computing are leading to the “democratization of satellite mapping,” one expert says—and the payoff will be wider access to information about the earth via platforms such as the new Google Earth Engine, a planetary-scale platform for environmental data and analysis.That is the view of South Dakota State University professor Matt Hansen, one of several scientists who worked with Google to launch Google Earth Engine. Geological Survey are making satellite images available for free.Of the 65 entries received, one recounted the discovery of an old oil can from Fresno (circa 1935) that was supposedly recovered during a San Diego State campus building project.

“This is an incredible advantage in terms of generating the value-added products that we create for quantifying deforestation, natural hazards, cropland area, urbanization, you name it.” Google Earth Engine was one of the innovative ideas unveiled at the Cancun climate talks.

Access it anytime - in real time - as often as you wish.

As a 'Not for Profit Organization' working within the SDSU Research Foundation, the e CHECKUP TO GO Programs provide cost effective & affordable alcohol and other drug interventions.

The "Battle for the Old Oil Can" was coined as the result of a contest run jointly by the Fresno State and San Diego State Alumni Associations this fall.

Entrants were asked to suggest a name for the rivalry game along with a trophy to commemorate it.

It is designed to augment your campus's policies, procedures and programming to address the Campus Sa VE Act requirements.

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