Pay per click dating


On top is some H1 text , on the side some keywords and on the bottom some body text.Together with the site title and meta tags this tells the search engines it is a dating site for handicapped people so keywords with handicapped dating will score well.It is a very simple campaign and does not take advantage of the many features one can use to optimize the campaign.However it is a good example for those starting out.The affiliate will receive a fee based on the amount of traffic generated, items sold or memberships created.

Click on the links in the table below to visit some of the best converting dating sites affiliate programs: One of the most lucrative and straightforward affiliate programs anywhere.

The case is for, a German language disabled dating site for German speakers. Nothing fancy as you can see, just a basic template from the selection available from the Dating Factory admin in site creation.

The sections marked in red are the optimization of the site for better keyword ranking in Google.

Generally speaking, there are 3 parties involved in the transaction. They either promote it to the audience they already have or to attract potential customers and persuade them on the value of the product so that they end up buying it.

which can also be known as the vendor, the brand, the retailer, or the seller. They gain a commission from each sale or each lead. There are several different payment arrangements between the merchant and the affiliate, but one of the most popular for dating affiliate programs is the pay per lead.

With over 10 million current members and over 25 million satisfied members worldwide in their network, their program has created significant wealth for many affiliates.

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