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We found it in the Terms and Conditions of the website, so Zoosk clearly does not want customers to use this information unless they are looking hard for it. We called customer service and asked the hours of operation to find out the information. San Francisco, CA 94103 The main page for the Zoosk social network is available at https://

The customer service department answers calls between 9 A. Those are some pretty tight business hours for a company that stores and automatically charges bank accounts. You can log in to your account, access customer service and find romance all from the official site.

You can call this number even if you're outside Metro Manila using your landline or mobile phone but call charges may apply. When posting comments, strictly observe correct spelling.

Take advantage of this incentive; you;ll get way more responses with a paid membership as you can send messages with priority on the phone personals networks.

dahil taglilima ang aking ipangbabayad nakiusap ako saknya na ipapalit ko lang sa kabilang shop ko.. I have been tracking one of my orders from Lazada for a few days. Your shipment was not delivered due to payment issues during delivery. No reason why the deliveries are stock in there for a number of days. Thanks I'm Jethro Robles and I'm a loyal customer of LBC since then.

hndi sya pumayag at sa halip makipagusap ay tinalikuran nya ako at sabay sabing odi "edi bukas ko nalang ibabalik" at sinabhn pako na pag balik nya siguraduhin kong buo na pera ko.. "Please get in touch with us through our official customer care channels". I love how fast your delivery and convenient your deliver is.

Zoosk is an extremely social site so there are Twitter and Facebook pages available as well.

Other social sites operated by the Zoosk company include Google Plus and several photo sites like Flickr and Pinterest.

There is a customer service contact page, but you have to be a member of Zoosk to access that page.

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