Modern chinese dating customs

oh wait, did I mention that the average salary of a Chinese college graduate is 3000 RMB a month, an average apartment in Shanghai is 28,147 RMB (US,542) per square meter, and an average car is more expensive than it is in the US because of the import and customs tax? Literally meaning left over women, it’s a label no woman wants.So, is it logically possible to have all these things before your 30’s? Typically, this is a woman who is in her 30’s and doesn’t have a boyfriend yet.“I have a Chinese male friend who blames his singleness on the fact that boys vastly outnumber girls in China, and all the good women have already been snapped up,” Tan reveals.“I have two Shanghainese female friends who blame their singleness on the ‘fact’ that girls actually outnumber boys in metropolitan centers like Shanghai.” Singles complaining about the lack of suitable partners in the world is nothing new.

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They are more interested in her sexual history; specifically whether or not she is a virgin.

The sound of billion being dropped on this booming industry. So how much does the average Chinese wedding cost in China?

With an average of 10 million couples tying the knot every year in China, and I’d say it’s a topic to be a bit familiar with. They should be earning at least 4000 RMB a month, have a house, a car and ..

As Tan’s friends pine, a popular belief among China’s young people is that the one-child policy is the root of their loneliness.

Editor’s note: As is the norm with these translated articles, it is best to take it with a pinch of salt.

A lot of native city girls who are educated, have a job and looking for the perfect prince charming to sweep them off their feet are in competition!

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