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“In my darkness I remember/Momma’s words reoccur to me/"Surrender to the good Lord/And he’ll wipe your slate clean"/Take me to your river/I wanna go.” The somber words to Leon Bridges’ “River,” his voice sopped and heavy with restrained sentiments, filled up the hollow theater as the credits for director Matt Ruskin’s Crown Heights rolled onto the screen. The legendary comedic series Def Comedy Jam is coming to Netflix this fall in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

[speedbumplink prefix="READ:" url="https://com/2017/07/kevin-hart-laugh-out-loud-app-streaming-def-comedy-jam/" content="Kevin Hart’s Video Subscription App To Stream Classic ‘Def Comedy Jam’ Episodes"] The hilarious show from 1992 is responsible for crafting some of comedy’s...

READ: Miguel’s SZA Cover Has Fans Yearning For His New Music The trippy song, available in certain markets on Apple Music for now, takes listeners on a smoked out voyage complete with kush...

The 2017 One Africa Music Fest in Brooklyn, New York was definitely one for the books.

” I told my brother to not-so-politely tell Adam to stick the wedding invitation where the sun doesn’t shine.

Could you be confusing her with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, who allows no room for context when she issues directives?

For instance, my brother was “invited” to his roommate’s wedding, which he would have had to pay Oh, but the weirdest part is yet to come: This “friend” tracks my brother’s finances via snooping and eavesdropping, and when my brother declined, citing a lack of funds, Adam said, “Well, what happened to the $( ) you got from selling your car?

This applies to women in particular, but not exclusively.

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