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Code 2608 Remedies Cumulative - CC 1790.4 Remedy Fails of Essential Purpose - Com.Code 2719(2) Repair, or Replace, or Reimburse Provision - CC 1793.2(d) Repair Standards - CC 1796.5 Returned "Lemon" Notice - CC 1793.22(f), 1793.23 : B&P = California Business & Professions Code Cal. = California Constitution CC = California Civil Code CCP = California Code of Civil Procedure CCR = California Code of Regulations CFR = Code of Federal Regulations Com. Code = California Corporations Code CPUC = California Public Utilities Commission Ed. Code = California Evidence Code FC = California Financial Code Fam.

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Blasser Law specializes in consumer fraud issues regarding the sale of automobiles to the general public.

We have experience successfully representing automobile consumers/buyers, automobile dealerships, and lenders.

Any liens, such as those held by a bank or other lender, must be released by the lien holder before title can be transferred.

Though it's not required, the Michigan Department of State recommends that both the buyer and seller go to the secretary of state's office to complete the title transfer.

Though parties can agree to whatever terms they choose, the law imposes minimal duties on each party in private car sale transactions.

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