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When it starts to be able to threaten the band members lifes, Eero calls his old exchange student John Watson for help.

Between noisy managers,many slightly crazed suspects,relapses and bravo making trouble,will they be able to find love?

Quick thinking is associated with individuals whose birthdays fall on April 23, which also offers these Taureans the gift of a poetic nature and propensity.

Mercury, in the controlling position, can be attributed to the business acumen of these people, influencing their innovative ideas.

Opportunities will come to the individuals with this sun sign at an easy flowing pace. Productivity is an easy task for these Taureans and they will exhibit strong family ties.

First, they called themselves Trashmosh, then Antilla, and at last Rasmus.

They played their very first show before the winter break in school, 1994. Ylönen became the lead singer, composer and songwriter of the band.

When Ylönen was eight years old starting third grade in elementary school, he met Eero Heinonen (the bassist of The Rasmus) and they became close friends during the school year.

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