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The second volume, A World Without Princes, was published in 2014, and the third, The Last Ever After, appeared in 2015.

The series is set in a world where every four years two children are chosen to attend a prestigious school where fairy tale heroes and villains are made.

She later had small one-episode parts in such television shows as "CHi Ps , Starsky and Hutch, Vega$, Fantasy Island, The Fall Guy, and Beverly Hills, 90210.

Mark Koost, of the Australian navy; Squadron Leader Steven Laredo, of the Australian air force; Maj. Thwaites, of the Australian army; and Damian Belshaw, an administrative support officer, traveled to the Jacksons' home in American Corner on Monday to accept the 200-foot long scrolls, one of which was signed by Maryland Gov.Koost promised to let the Jacksons know when the scrolls arrived in Afghanistan.The first book, The School for Good and Evil, was published on May 14, 2013 through Harper Collins.In the village of Gavaldon, every four years, two children of either gender and beyond age twelve are kidnapped by an unknown force, and are never found.However, sets of mysterious books appear at a local bookstore, and other children not kidnapped begin to realize the kidnapped children are in these stories. Soon, best friends Sophie and Agatha find themselves in a potential predicament: Sophie, with her pink gowns and over the top skin care routines, wishes to be kidnapped and become a princess in the fated School for Good, while Agatha, with her black dresses and sulky attitude, is deemed by the villagers to be a "perfect fit" for the School for Evil(Even though she doesn't consider herself so)."It was the second-most popular, behind the Marines' scroll," he said. Jackson said he was inspired by an article he read in January from the Sydney (Australia) Morning-Herald about Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd visiting his country's troops in Afghanistan in January.

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