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Im just a simple guy looking to have fun I am originally from albuquerque was in the navy for four years could not decide what to do then moved to tulsa and am currentl attending spartan college of aeronautics.

Those who can not travel on regular airlines because of their conditions choose to fly on southwest air ambulance so they can have medical care on a private jet and be taken to their city and hospital of choice.

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Measurement Strategy Research conducted by Econsultancy in 2017 reveals why and how the most successful brands are putting data at the center of marketing strategy.

Leadbetter’s successes are well-chronicled over decades but Ko’s switch - to another South African in Gilchrist – came in search of a simpler approach to the game.

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INE provides the absolute best materials for any CCIE track.

The new Surveys 360 is designed to help you get the most out of your market research.

Through advanced features, like zip code targeting and user list targeting, you’ll be able to reach high-priority and test markets and gain a better understanding of your marketing impact.

In the toolbox, look in the validation section and drag a Required Field Validator after each text box.

Click on Required Field Validator1 and in the properties window look for ‘Control To Validate’.

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