Im dating a man with a child


He has even told me he wants them with in the next couple years because he's "getting to that age" where he won't want them anymore. I see him almost every other weekend - when permitted.

I guess I woudl assume I am overreacting but there is another mother whom i have never met but I have no problem with. I have to admit it mustn't be easy on him to have to deal with two different mothers and now dating a woman with two children of her own.

I'm dating a man who has 3 kids, from 2 different women.

His first child is from when he was only 19, she is 15 now and lives in a different state then him. I am 27, bought a house by 19, have a great career and lots of things going for me.

I know he sounds liek a **** bag but he was 19 and is 26 now. I feel like he is the one person I am supposed to be with.

I have two children from my marriage and he is incredible with my children and all four kids play really well togther. When he cheated on ehr for some stupid reason he signed custody over to her.

I think he just has this guilt and feels like he has to do everythign she says. Thats a lot to deal with and I can imagine for you it must be just as hard.

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