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Still, the English and the American varieties of English have much more in common than they do not.

Best wishes, Peter The Learn English Team Hello Nizam, The video on this page focuses on some differences in vocabulary, but there can also be differences in other areas such as spelling and pronunciation.

If you want to use a subject after 'despite' - see the Cambridge Dictionary's grammar for an explanation.

All the best, Kirk The Learn English Team Although there are numerous websites of English lessons, this website supervised by the British Council is awesome and different from others. If there is any grammatical mistake, could you correct it please? Hello Love English70, Thank you for the lovely comment!

Hi Mohsen.k77, In terms of style, 'nonetheless' is quite formal whereas 'even though' is more neutral.

'Nonetheless' begins a new sentence but 'even though' can be also be used in the middle of a sentence. Both describe something surprising but where 'nonetheless' introduces a result, 'even though' comes before a obstacle.

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Mac Donald - The Makers of Canada (1908), George R.

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