Georgia divorce dating


Alaska is a no fault state meaning that you do not need a reason to get a divorce and if you date someone it won't be used as a means for the divorce to occur.However, if you have custody issues it may be used against you for the other side to say that somehow you are not a good parent because you are dating before the divorce.You have the option of seeking divorce mediation to help resolve your differences, a path that many couples find productive.

Understanding the procedural basics can put your mind at ease and help you prioritize important issues in your case.

Instead, Georgia courts rely on prior case law to guide their decisions.

Couples can also work out an agreement between themselves regarding how they want their assets divided. To most people, this is more desirable than having a judge decide these important issues on their behalf.

Do keep in mind that one spouse must live in Georgia for at least six months before filing for divorce to satisfy the state's residency requirement.

The Judicial Branch of Georgia provides residents with step-by-step instructions for filing a divorce.

We have what’s called a Separate Maintenance Action.

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