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This is accomplished different ways by different Linux distributions, so please read the section for yours for the best results.

You will need an alternate working internet connection (by Ethernet cable, for example) since the firmware cannot be included with the distro itself.

[March 19, 2011] Here's an update if you're trying to install the driver on a netbook with low-power b43 chipset: Thank you so much for this.

I have started to reconfigure my old Dell Inspiron 6400 to run Linux instead of Windows since XP was discontinued.

The propietary Broadcom STA Wireless driver is maintained upstream by Broadcom.

As this driver is closed source, fixes in the driver itself may only be provided by Broadcom. This is simply a script to extract and install the b43 driver firmware, maintained by the Ubuntu community.

As a convenience, Ubuntu offers two versions of this driver: For Chip ID BCM 4306 (rev 03), 4311, 4312, 4318, 4322, 4331, 4325. The second is the b43 driver, maintained upstream by the Linux kernel community.

Instructions to install the package may be found below. The b43legacy infrastructure is composed of two parts.

Thank you for writing the only solution that works for the Broadcom driver issue.

Instructions to install the package may be found below. The open-source brcmsmac driver for PCIe devices is available from the brcm80211 module of the linux kernel package, maintained upstream by the linux kernel community.

navigate on the CD to:/pool/main/b/b43-fwcutter/and double-click the b43-fwcutter package contained there. Open a terminal and enter these 6 ~tar -xjvf broadcom-wl- b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware wl_apsta- b43-fwcutter --unsupported -w /lib/firmware broadcom-wl- chmod 775 /lib/firmware/b43sudo chmod 775 /lib/firmware/b43legacy Additional Drivers Most of this is in the "b43 - No internet access" section here:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wifi Docs/Driver/bcm43xx Except for the 2 chmod 775 commands which I found were necessary... Hi kiai, and welcome to the forum I'm glad it helped, and thanks for the feedback ..

navigate on the CD to:/pool/main/p/patch/and double-click the patch package contained there. click "Install"On a separate PC that has a working internet connection, download these 2 files: transfer them to your Home folder on the Ubuntu PC. After searching and searching and searching for an offline solution -- and one that's easy for a newbie to follow -- I tried yours and I now have Ubuntu 12.04 online!!!!! The only thing different was that the B43 and B43legacy directories were in /lib/firmware rather than in modules.

I have a Dell D630 with Ubuntu 12.04 and Broadcom Wireless card 4312.

This bit of foolishness is probably due to copyright b/s.

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