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They moved to a new town because their friends were jerks.They split up with their last girlfriend because she was crazy.Mitchell has stated that, close to completing her contract with Asylum Records, she allowed this album to be looser than anything she'd done previously.Much of the album is experimental, but especially so are: "Overture," played with six simultaneous guitars, some in different tunings from others, with vocal echo effects; "The Tenth World," an extended-length instrumental of Latin percussion; and "Dreamland," which features only percussion and voices (including Chaka Khan).Don Juan's Reckless Daughter is a 1977 double album by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell.It is unusual for its experimental style, expanding even further on the jazz fusion sound of Mitchell's Hejira from the year before.

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They wash away your insecurities A psychopathic trait is to hone in on people insecurities and use this knowledge against them – but they’ll play the long game. A psychopath will tell you you’re in perfect shape and the hottest person they’ve ever met.They tick every box Psychopaths are experts at always saying and doing what you want to hear and see.They’ll share your interests, charm your family and be attentive in the bedroom.He seemed impressed, He led me to Spade’s regular booth, Moments later Spade appeared, I gazed into the darkness, able to discern only a few blond wisps jutting from a dirty brown ball cap and, under the drawbridge of his visor, his smiling blue eyes, You haven’t changed a bit, I said. It was a task for which I felt uniquely qualified, because I’d known Spade long ago.We attended high school together in Scottsdale, Arizona.Most experimental of all is "Paprika Plains," a 16-minute song played on improvised piano and arranged with a full orchestra; it takes up all of Side 2.

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