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You will need two mice for this, your steelseries one, and another one to navigate while that is not usable (that is if you are fixing a mouse, if you are fixing a keyboard have two of those, ect.). Remove all steelseries software from the computer (Engine, firmware updater, ect.) Note: if you have both steelseries engine 3 and steelseries engine 2 (just called steelseries engine) just remove the one that pertains to what you are fixing 2.

Make sure there is no steelseries software running (task manager uninstall do this to all the old drivers), also uninstall your steelseries mouse/keyboard (I was able to tell my two mice apart because my spare had power saving settings, but the steelseries did not (as it was not fully functional), also, old mice will be grayed out, connected ones will not be) 4.

The email/password field should now be enabled and you can click the little gear icon beside the fields to configure options.

If you are unable to complete a firmware update, please take the following steps: 1) Set both Steelseries Engine3and Steelseries Engine3in the folder to run as administrator.

The Blizzard App (previously known as the client) is a tool to download, update and launch games by Blizzard Entertainment.

It is not officially available for Linux, but usable through Wine. When logging in, you must move the mouse over where the dropdown would be for 'Region Select' - otherwise it does not show up.

You should now have at least some functionality with the mouse (can move it and click, but maybe not use scroll wheel/click and drag), if you have full functionality that is fine 8. Go through the installer, it will ask you to update firmware, say yes 10.

The client often flashes when the window is moved, or other windows are moved over it. There are two possible causes for this: to install the runtime files.

To fix #2, disconnect from the internet and relaunch Launcher.

I am updating to 1.0.0-rc.2 with nvd3 1.8.1 an I am experiencing some problems with the tooltips.

My pie chart is refreshed every 10 seconds with new data from an ajax call, if I happen to to hover the chart so a tooltip is shown WHILE the refresh happens, the tooltip stays stuck in the same position and is never removed from the DOM.

While many people have no use for this guide, I recently had a bootloader issue and nobody seemed to know what to do, in fact, steelseries' own help page is horribly outdated and has links to pages that no longer exist, so I thought I would post this in the hope that I can help people in the future.

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