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Finn risks alienation by the football team after joining the Glee Club at the beginning of the series.

After he returns to his work, Brennan asks him if his interest in forensic anthropology was related to a plan to kill his stepfather, to which he answered yes.The two were co-directors until the end of Feud, when Will found out that Finn kissed Emma, and with the encouragement from Marley, Finn left Mc Kinley to obtain a teaching degree at the University of Lima, but later he decided to help Will once again in Mc Kinley.Due to the death of his portrayer, he died during the fifth season, and The Quarterback was a tribute for him.He throws a music stand across the stage before departing. Schuester posts the callback list on the bulletin board, Jake checks for his name, and when he doesn't see it, he angrily balls up the paper. Schuester calls Jake into his office to talk, and revealed that he has discovered that he is Noah Puckerman's half-brother.He tells Jake that Puck never mentioned having a brother, to which Jake responds that Puck doesn't know.Artie Abrams Blaine Anderson Bree (possibly)Brittany Pierce Finn Hudson Kitty Wilde Kurt Hummel Marley Rose Mercedes Jones Mike Chang New Directions Noah Puckerman Quinn Fabray Rachel Berry Ryder Lynn Sam Evans Santana Lopez Tina Cohen-Chang Unique Adams Jacob "Jake" Puckerman is a major character on the fourth and fifth seasons of Glee. He is made fun of for being half white and half black.

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