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I have tried for the last eight years to get my name removed from the website “” and my information from google search.

I have tried to contact the person that submitted the information but they used an alias and I am unable to get them to take it down themselves.

Billy suggests Marty use the "Jack of Diamonds" killer, perpetrator of a recent double murder, as one of the psychopaths.

This article is about the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis.

They are ruled by the brazen planet Pluto, which is the planet that rules power. If they want something, or someone, it is theirs already.

Because they want it (haven’t you been paying attention? The world must work accordingly, and if it doesn’t, they will just go ahead and MAKE the world work accordingly. The Pluto effect gives them the strongest sexual drive and a lot of bubbling passion that they hide behind their cool demeanor.

Marty writes a story for another psychopath, the "Quaker", who stalks his daughter's killer for decades, driving the killer to suicide.I am a professional and this information is detrimental to my career. Well, anyone can be a psychopath, even the meek and submissive Neptunian Pisces like myself.We've all seen the stereotype of a psychopath in the media.(Think “Criminal Minds.") He is a man, typically in his 20s or early 30s, whose coldness and lack of remorse compels him to commit sadistic acts, including murder.Even the outstanding profile of psychopathy provided by Jon Ronson focuses almost exclusively on men who meet the clinical definition of the psychopathic personality disorder.

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