Dating for woodsmen


Next door, Brad, of Taylor Rental, graciously supplied us with shelter during the frequent rainstorms and even saved a very grateful dog, who had run off from his family's campsite.Through his diligence, Brad was able to reunite the dog with some very relieved owners.Tupper Lake has been celebrating the region's storied heritage of logging and lumberjacking for decades.Lynne is very proud of her own family heritage, which goes way back to the Maine lumberjacks, who helped navigate massive logs down the icy Penobscot River.We in western Montana can see it any ol’ day, but the Garrett Grothen Memorial Arena at Fort Missoula will be something special for the cameras of ESPN.With a backdrop of the Bitterroot and Missoula valleys, and with maybe a horse-drawn high wheel log hauler passing by, the all-sports network’s Timbersports series comes to town Friday afternoon.“We’ve got this great arena.

Throughout the weekend, our 3-in-1 Forestry Multi Tool kept a ready supply of wood available for Matt to feed their Auto Split log splitter, which attracted big crowds, every time he fired it up, sending the split wood speeding up the conveyor belt!Map street views along Hwy 59 show the background businesses gone and buildings vacant.If you spot this guy in the region (it's a unique design, not a Muffler Man), let us know. To me, he looks kind of Canadian, which would make him totally out of place in southern Alabama.John Parcell, a junior from Condon, will be UM’s entrant in the College Stihl Challenge on Friday, when the cameras start rolling at 2 p.m.Parcell placed third in the elite contest last year.[sic] It’s not every day that a shared desire for a mortgage-free homestead factors into someone’s image of the perfect mate, but hey — why the hell shouldn’t it?

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