Dating english candlesticks


We always try to stock a variety of 16th and 17th century carved wooden panels with dragon and horse designs that can be used in different ways for interior decoration.

Most of these panels portray the English style of designs. Invariably our stock includes a variety of candle stands including are iron pricket candle holders, small candle stands, hanging candle holders, brass pricket candle holders, gothic tracery, medieval ironwork and much more.

The custom of solemnly dedicating or consecrating buildings as churches or chapels set apart for Christian worship must be almost as old as Christianity itself.

British Silver Hallmarks were first introduced in 1327.

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Churches under the authority of a bishop (e.g., Orthodox, Roman Catholic, or Anglican) are usually dedicated by the bishop in a ceremony that used to be called that of consecration, but is now called that of dedication.

This figure bought in Wales in very good condiiton. The item dates c1850,measures nearly 7icnhes acroos. The vases are just over 3 inches tall and they are in perfect condition. I cannot see any damage apart from a nibble on a petal. There is some handle of the basket (approx 1 cms)from the hand to the basket is missing,also there must have been something on the branch from the floor,and slight tiny nibbles to her rear ribbon. This is a beautiful Georgian Dresden/Volkstedt base of a candelabra,made in the finest of porcelains at that time,dating from c1820. Beautiful quality Dresden jug,the colours are superb also the gilding,hardly any wear at all.

The ladies hand touching the basket is missing and the finger tips of the other hand. The backstamp is the green Komaru,also characters in red. Unfortunately the item has damage,you can see the inner arm of the bottom cherub is missing. The jug for cream or milk is a nice size about 4inches.

In Great Britain, silver hallmarks were introduced in the 1320s.

From 1327 onward, it became an offence to sell any precious metal in Great Britain and its territories without appropriate hallmarks.

The condition is very good,there has been a small professional repair to the neck of the man,which is not noticeable. Backstamp Crown over "D" in blue,the Helena Wolfsohn mark..£65 each Beautiful "Old Summer Roses" bowl,a very nostalgic item showing the old fashioned country roses that grew profusely in Victorian days on the cottge walls. The top of the bowl is in deep blue and the whole item in very good condition,size about 9inches across,so would look good on a table display..c1880.. ROYAL WORCESTER VASE PAINTED BY HARRY STINTON IN C1896. As usual these items have some damage to the flower petals, and the leg of the cherub missing. The top has the opening of the egg but there are also smaller openings on the back and the front. Here we are offering a very pretty trinket tray,4 inches across, made in the Limoges Porcelain works in France. They were 2 highly educated Irish/Anglo spinsters who led very eccentric lives and they rode out every day being keen horsewomen.

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