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Some documents are for internal Commission use only and may not be disseminated outside the Institution.

You can search this specialised information database in English and French.

For identifying these documents when an application has more than one priority date, the oldest date is to be applied.

When deciding which documents to select for citing in the search report, the examiner refers to these dates and should preferably choose any published before the date of priority.

The database contains legal instruments adopted by the Institutions, minutes of meetings of European Institutions and bodies, press releases, newspaper articles, speeches by European leaders and internal Commission notes.

Your search will give you access to an information sheet for each document, as well as to the document itself, unless the text is protected by copyright.

The Library’s collection of more than 500 broadsides is one of the largest recorded and the first to be digitized in its entirety.

These usually fall into one of two groups, namely patent documents from a patent family and abstracts: These are patent documents from the same country or from different countries, and which share at least one claimed priority.

If a cited patent document belongs to a patent family, the examiner need not cite all the members of the family which are known or accessible to him, since these are already mentioned in the annex to the search report.

The Early Manuscripts Collection contains a wide variety of documents relating to the law, ranging in date from the late thirteenth to twentieth centuries.

The collection includes lawyers’ business records, lecture notes, student notebooks, commonplace books, accounts of trials, peerage claims, judges’ opinions, docket books, precedents of pleading, and collections of writs.

Allyn Peck by a generous grant from the Peck Stacpoole Foundation, a charitable endowment for the support of genealogical, local history, and other museum and library collections.

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