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Oriental Orthodox Churches trace their founding to the apostles and the apostles' earliest disciples, and to the teachings of St.

Before the Internet, speed dating and singles gatherings, attending Church was one of the best ways for a husband and wife to meet.The tradition is known, in particular, for its monasticism, oriental spirituality, rich liturgy and mystical theology.The different churches of the Oriental Orthodox tradition, which number 60 million individual members worldwide, worked in isolation from each other until 1965, when they met for the first time.Newsweek magazine reported this week on the issue in a story headlined, "In Orthodox Jewish Divorce, Men Hold All the Cards." The magazine began with the story of Rabbi Mendel Epstein, now on trial with several associates, for allegedly organizing a kidnap-and-torture ring that, for a fee, would pressure reluctant husbands to grant the get.An Orthodox woman who doesn't receive her husband's consent by a rabbinical court to divorce "is an agunah, a 'chained' woman.For starters, the atmosphere is usually more genuine because people are less likely to have ulterior motives when they're standing on holy ground.

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