Dating a guy who is out of my league


The majority of men won't even introduce themselves in these situations.Even in more acceptable environments, most who do say hi to her are half-expecting rejection. They say stupid things and give up at the first sign of awkwardness.

My mate recently joked how January is the best time of year to “bat out of your league” with women.But the premise did raise questions about how singles with much different levels of attractiveness and attributes fare when they become romantically involved.In the movie, Kirk is an average guy who works at the Pittsburgh airport.Does anyone else date someone out of their 'league'. He gets a lot of attention from girls but had social anxiety so found it difficult making friends/ seeing girls. If I'm complete Ly honest I would say I'm a 7/ 8.5 (with make up) BUT I find that in general the percentage of 'attractive' girls seems to be higher (I believe), so although I am okay, I don't stand out the way he does.My problem is sometimes I feel so insecure knowing that he gets soo much attention.(He says hotties are more likely to settle in miserable weather.)It was terrible banter, but it made me realize this: I'm a 5'9” slaphead with facial scars and crow's feet, but it won't ever cross my mind that a woman might be “out of my league.”With a bit of work, you shouldn't ever feel this way either.

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