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The United Nations in the Convention on the Rights of the Child sets the age of a child at 18 years below. The Anti-Rape Law (RA 8353) in the Philippines, while protective of women and men, is devastating to children.People can sexually abuse children and claim the child gave consent.“He’s still waiting for the annulment of his first marriage.” Other young couples find themselves in a bind.With no divorce law in the country, relationships have remained in limbo, with more and more couples opting to live in or cohabit, an informal arrangement that could have contributed to the declining marriage rate in the country.Philippine laws to justify it have been passed, mostly by men, by setting the age of consent for sexual acts as low as 12 years of age in the Philippines. In Chapter Three, it says rape is committed “when the offended party is under twelve (12) years of age or is demented,” which means over that age it is approved provided there is consent and no force used.This is the lowest age of consent anywhere in the world and this must be changed and challenged and politicians asked why they have left children as young as 12 vulnerable to sexual assault. Few Filipino parents will agree that their child is capable of giving consent to an act about he or she knows practically nothing at that age.Teenage unions were more than four times as common among women living in the poorest households (17%) as among those in the wealthiest (4%).• As of 2013, 37% of married adolescent women used some method of contraception.

“I used my blanket as my wedding gown and begged my cousin to play groom,” Angeles said, adding that she gave herself a deadline when she should have been married.Marriage rates dipped by 30 percent from 2003 to 2015, according to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority.Parting ways when the relationship doesn’t work is easier and more convenient when the couple is just living in, explained Albay Rep.• High levels of unmet need for contraception can lead to high levels of unplanned births (those that are wanted later or not at all).As of 2013, 32% of recent births to women younger than 20 were unplanned.A judge who favors that act as permissible can dismiss a case of child abuse on that basis.

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