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Facebook promised it’ll offer Messenger users end-to-end encryption, and the company finally rolled out the feature to all its users.

We do this all the time, and you get them when you are online.To enable the feature, you have to press the from the list of options.To work, both devices engaged in chat have to be updated to the latest i Phone or Android version of Facebook Messenger.The French company — founded by the Cluizel family more than 60 years ago — opened Michel Cluizel USA headquartered in West Berlin in 2004.It's a retail store that welcomes shoppers to purchase treats made on-site.But shops near New York City's Fifth Avenue — near the city's Diamond District, Dahan emphasized — inspired Cluizel to create kosher raw products used to make chocolate at its Camden County production site. "It was a challenge."The South Jersey kitchen became a laboratory.

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