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He is also a TV actor known for his work on Shameless, a Showtime dramedy.Prior to that, he had guest appearances on several television shows including Taken, Lost, and Orphan Black.He enjoyed the experience and ended up playing a fan.After that, his parents encouraged him to give up university and pursue an acting career.

revived one of its former regular characters during Sunday's season-four finale -- but that wasn't always the plan.

The fungus that has attacked my bone marrow has been recorded among 10 Chinese peasants (China is presumably where I got it), a few Thais and a killer whale cast up on the shores of Arabia." Among those who bought in to the Chatwin myth most eagerly during his lifetime was his friend, the novelist and literary journalist Nicholas Shakespeare, who loved to repeat such exotic stories about Chatwin as that "he once wore a live python as a bow-tie" or that "he once sold all he had, including a collection of 6th-century BC marble buttocks, and painted his flat the colour of a Nubian hut".

In a tribute published the week of Chatwin's death, Shakespeare sentimentally proclaimed: "He was so inquisitive about all aspects of life, it is easy to believe he might have stumbled on its secret.

His last days were all the more terrible for the fact that he had never been able to admit to himself or to others the nature of his illness or his sexuality.

For Chatwin had spent his entire life turning himself into a fantastic story, a prize rarity, a human anecdote, and it continued right until the end.

The character, executive producer John Wells confirmed in June, was considered to have died in the season-three finale, though Jimmy's death was never seen on screen. "We started talking to Justin six weeks before we shot [the finale] to see if he was interested in coming back and available, and he said he was." Chatwin's return was kept quiet from the rest of the cast and the actor's one scene was filmed quietly in Chicago before they came to town.

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