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With Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP), you have the ability to switch wireless carriers without giving up your existing phone numbers.

Now you can bring your current wireless or landline (business or home) number to the Sprint Nationwide Network.

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Metro PCS said that a Sprint counter-offer is much more probable, calling company G "the most likely alternative bidder to T-Mobile." After hearing rumors of the T-Mobile deal, Sprint reached out to Metro PCS as recently as Oct.For well-qualified customers with 18-month lease on Unlimited Freedom plans.Early termination results in remaining balance due. When you lease any i Phone 7 or i Phone 7 Plus, you can get an i Phone 7 32GB lease on us.Shares of Dish (labeled as "company C" in the filing) has long stated that it would like to get into the wireless business, and Sprint ("company G") was widely rumored to have been in negotiations with Metro PCS earlier this year.At per share, according to the filing, Dish's 2010 bid for Metro PCS was higher than T-Mobile's and is slightly more than the price at which Metro PCS is currently trading.The negotiations bogged down and ultimaitely fell apart.

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