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The Honorable Richard Carlson, delegate from Tennessee, mounted to the podium, speech and stogie in hand. Find-lay; Accounting 212 and Industrial Management, Dr. The service will also include mu-sic by the College Choir directed Dr. North Park College will host more than 600 delegates to the Covenant Annual Meeting to be held here from June 21-26. Nelson, president of the Evangelical Covenant Church will give the keynote address at the opening session of the meeting Tuesday. On Thursday evening the various as-pects of Covenant work will be pre-sented in a pageant during which Dr. Ralph Hanson, secretary of foreign mis-sions, will officiate at the dedica-tion of missionaries. Hawkinson of the Seminary will conduct a service of ordination for Covenant min-isters, at which the Rev. Eldon Palmquist will preach, and at (Continued on page 4) In This Issue . Music School Will Present Senior Graduation Recitals Four seniors in the music school in the next two weeks. The NEWS has also attempted to present in some few cases a mildly radical opinion, believing that such opinion is vital to the college community; and that the newspaper should lead, not follow.

In the style of the back-woods Baptist preacher, Carlson alternately whispered, roared, ca-joled, denounced, raved, ranted, co-treed, eulogized, and in general ursed the crime known as the (1.02., the "Grown Old Party." He exhorted the Democrats to a re-turn to the "Realistic Idealism" of uch leaders of the Democratic party as Moses, Jefferson, Monroe, Hail and Farewell Class of '60 Supporters of the Hon. Johnson join in a rousing stration of enthusiasm after their candidate's nomination. Fox; Introduction to Psychology (morning class) and Psychology of Human Development, Miss Franz; Introduction to Eco-nomics, Dr. Denominational business will share the conference spotlight with the Covenant's 75th Anni-versary observance, the theme of the meeting being "From the Days of Our Fathers — to the Years of Our Sons." Several sessions will be of inter-est to non-delegates. Friday evening a diamond anni-versary banquet will be held at the Conrad Hilton Hotel, at which Dr. Anderson, president of the Covenant from 1933 to 1959, will address an anticipated 1800 persons. The recitals, are presented for partial fulfillment of Music and Bachelor of Music Education degrees. In this attempt we have sometimes said more than we meant, but our cause is just.

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Using the podium alternately as a drum, table, paper stand, and pedestal, Carlson mounted to the heights of emotion, leading the as-semblage in a mighty chorus of (Continued on page 8) Si' • , school tict five days of registration reached a total of 85 per cent above that for a corresponding period of time last year. Nevertheless, we believe that we have been partially successful, and that our editorial policy of printing "opinions differing from the North Park norm" is fundamentally right.

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