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In subsequent decades, as the Japanese made their own sculptures, the resulting pieces looked almost identical to their Korean and Chinese counterparts.

Buddhist images of the Asuka Period were made primarily by artisans from Korea & China who lived in Japan.

(Tibetan: choe ngon pa) The Buddhist teachings are often divided into the Tripitaka: the sutras (teachings of the Buddha), the vinaya (teachings on conduct,) and the abhidharma, which are the analyses of phenomena that exist primarily as a commentarial tradition to the Buddhist teachings.

There is not, in fact, an abhidharma section within the Tibetan collection of the Buddhist teachings.(Sanskrit: paramartha satya; Tibetan: dondam) There are two truths or views of reality: relative truth which is seeing things as ordinary beings do with the dualism of “I” and “other” and absolute truth, also called ultimate truth, which is transcending duality and seeing things as they are.(Tibetan: nyon yid) The seventh consciousness.

The methods of science are 3rd person, objective measurements, whereas the inner world is one of 1st person, subjective experience.

Therefore, in order to gain individual access to the data of 1st person, inner, subjective experience one has to take up some an inner practice like meditation, describing one’s feelings, and the like. It’s a sad commentary on the status of Western philosophy that Harris’ point is seen as controversial.

Joe Handley, President of Asian Access says this is all due to the work of Christian workers who provided hope and healing to the people of Tibet in the aftermath of last year’s devastating quake.

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