Buddhist guide to dating

More to the point it can be difficult to say how Zen and the art of anything really works out because Zen is beyond words.Talking about Zen and dating is like talking about Zen and the sky.He said that a man and a woman in a loving, supportive relationship are like a pairing of a god and a goddess. It turns out the Buddha encouraged people to engage in relationships and enjoy them to their full extent.His teachings imply that all human relationships are wonderful opportunities to practice loving-kindness, generosity, and mutual support.So quiet, in fact, that it stops it’s normal thinking and perceiving processes.Different teachers and different flavors of Zen have a variety of ways of describing the quiet and it’s aspects…no mind, equanimity, illuminated mind, etc…the problem being that when you are in such a quiet state of no thinking and no language, trying to describe it in words usually comes out sounding kooky as shit (at worst) or somehow inappropriate (at best)…’the buddha is a shit stick’…seriously?Before Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment he was a confused twenty or thirty-something looking to learn how to live a spiritual life. Now I feel like I am stuck until he talks to his parents and asks them "What would happen if I fell for a non-Jewish girl?Each time in this column we look at what it might be like if a fictional Siddhartha was on his spiritual journey today. " I feel like no matter what I do or who I am -- this one thing prevents us from being together. - JD JD - It sounds like you are an open-minded individual and, chances are, your partner is too.

(She wrote a fantastic essay for this month's Marie Claire about how she converted after being a life-long atheist.)One of the key things Buddhists try to keep in mind: When someone does something that makes you feel bad, it's rarely the case that his goal was to hurt you. Isn't it funny, though, that people can give advice they themselves can't really put into action but which nevertheless helps those who listen to it? Anyway, I got Brad on the horn, and here's how our conversation went: HOW TO DEAL IF SOMEONE BLOWS YOU OFF AT A PARTY ...

I wanted to know how I could be equanimous when what I really wanted to do was jump some bones or engage in an argument.

I found myself approaching Zen and dating in a very non-Zen way. ” In the practice of Zen meditation, the brain moves toward a state of being very quiet.

I am saddened to hear that even in today's world, there is still blanket discrimination when it comes to inter-faith relationships.

I hope that your lover's parents get to meet you and experience you as a fellow human being, one that makes their son happy, as opposed to just some shiksa.

My understanding of attachment is that it’s not about what we have or don’t have, but what our expectations of them are.

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